Issue 7 - 5 Awesome micro:bit Features

March 2020

5 Awesome micro:bit features

This issue’s cover feature is “5 Awesome micro:bit Features”. If you’re a regular reader of micro:mag, you probably already know that the BBC micro:bit is AWESOME. However, it’s easy to get caught up in using accessories such as robots, speakers and LED lights and forget about some of the amazing onboard features the micro:bit has. That’s why this issue we have compiled five of our favourite features of the BBC micro:bit and put them into this cover feature with code examples in three of the major code editors for the micro:bit (MakeCode, EduBlocks and Python) which should cater for all levels of coders.


Scratch Audio Game
MIT App Inventor + micro:bit
Adafruit Clue
micro:bit Classroom Tool released
And many more!