Issue 4 - Global Challenge

April 2019

Global Challenge

This issues Cover feature is “Global Challenge”. In 2018, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation with Arm and World’s Largest Lesson challenged students aged 8-12 across the globe to consider how these Goals could change the lives of themselves and others and to design solutions to these Goals using the micro:bit. The challenge was supported by a number of delivery partners, the Global Challenge competition saw hundreds of entries from a diverse range of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. There were hundreds of entries showcasing unique ideas tackling the Safety challenge or the Non-communicable diseases challenge! In this exciting cover feature, we learn more about the challenge and meet the winners.


Playing with magnets: Les Pounder shows us how to use magnets to alter the micro:bit’s compass.
Battery Eliminator for micro:bit: Build your own regulated 3.3v power supply for micro:bit.
Review of: Pimoroni’s Bear Badge Bit:Kit
Make your own Neopixel-Style LED board for under £1: Make an awesome multi-LED neopixel-style LED board with cardboard.
And many more!