Issue 2 - Scratch for micro:bit

October 2018

Scratch + micro:bit

This issues Cover feature is all about Scratch 3.0 and it’s new micro:bit blocks. We’ve got all sorts of things for you in the new and exciting cover feature. Michael Rimicans teaches us the basics of Scratch 3 and micro:bit and Eileen King shows us how to make our own Scratch games controller, these are just some of the articles to enjoy in this issues cover feature.


Countdown Timer: Les Pounder guides us through how to make a countdown timer in micro:hit 2.
Micro:bit & Kodu: Build your own regulated 3.3v power supply for micro:bit.
Reviews of: Learn how to connect your micro:bit to Kodu Game Labs to make your games interact with the real world.
Hack:Bit 2018: Learn about the worlds first national level micro:bit hackathon where schools and teams got together to make cool micro:bit projects.
And many more!